Crimes In Schools in Orlando & Winter Park, FL

Winter Park Criminal Issues In Schools And Universities

Highschool teen facing criminal chagesThe decisions young men and women make during their high school and college years can have a major impact on their lives going forward. High school or college students accused of drug possession or other crimes could face expulsion and criminal penalties. There are a number of unique legal issues involved in these cases. The best way to protect your child's rights is to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. For decades, attorney Michael J. Snure has defended the rights of high school and college students across Central Florida.

Your Child Does Not Have To Go To The Principal's Office Alone

Children aren't typically told this, but when they are called to the principal's office to discuss criminal accusations, they can have their parents and even a lawyer present. All too often, children are called to the principal's office regarding possible criminal activity on school property. A child may make statements that could be construed as an admission of guilt. Depending on your child's age and the allegations, this could lead to criminal charges. The earlier a lawyer is involved, the more options your child will have. The best bet is to contact a Winter Park criminal defense attorney before your child speaks to anyone else.  Contact us today if your loved one has been involved in a criminal accusation in Central Florida.

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What Are Your Child's Rights In A Dorm Room?

  • Many students at Central Florida colleges and universities live in dormitories, especially in their first few years of school. While many students believe that they have the same privacy rights in dorms as they would at home, the fact is that the laws are different. Orlando campus security can typically enter dorm rooms without a warrant, and any statements that a student may make to them are admissible in court. In many cases, a student may make damaging statements to campus security or other campus personnel, which can then be used against them.

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