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What Should You Choose Us As Your Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Orlando criminal defense lawyer and client shaking handsThe difference between success and failure in a criminal case can be all the difference in the world. Depending on the facts, a successful outcome in your case could be a dismissal of the charges or a reduction in the penalties. A poor outcome could lead to jail or prison time, as well as other serious penalties. The point is that so much is riding on the outcome of every criminal case. The experience and preparation of your attorney could make a dramatic difference in the way your case is resolved.So, what should you look for in a criminal defense lawyer? When talking to an attorney, these questions may help you decide whether a lawyer is right for you.

  • How many cases does an attorney take to trial in a given year? While your case may not end at trial, it is important that your attorney can present a strong case to a judge and jury if necessary. At Michael J. Snure, P.A., both Michael J. Snure and Tyler C. Snure have substantial trial experience. If the prosecution will not treat you fairly, we will make certain you are treated fairly in the courtroom.
  • Does the lawyer practice in other areas of law? In the law, jacks of all trades are truly masters of none. Criminal defense, like other areas of law, is a very complex field. At Michael J. Snure, P.A., we devote our entire practice to criminal defense. As a result, we are fully up-to-date on the many developments in the field. We use this information to give our clients a state-of-the-art defense.
  • Is the lawyer board certified? In Florida, lawyers who demonstrate special knowledge, skill and experience can apply for board certification. These lawyers can truly call themselves experts or specialists in their fields. Attorney Michael J. Snure is board certified by The Florida Bar as a criminal trial lawyer. This is a reflection of his depth and breadth of experience. This offers substantial value to our firm's clients.

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